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Virtual Events

1031 Transactions and Qualified Opportunity Zones

April 8, 2020 | 10AM - 11:30AM EST
| 1.5 Credits

An overview of 1031s and Opportunity Zones and compare and contrast the pros and cons of each program.

New Developments and Offering Plans

April 15, 2020 | 10AM - 11:30AM EST
| 1.5 Credits

Will discuss transactions involving new developments, what to look for in Offering Plans and how negotiations for new developments are unfolding in today's market.

Multi-Family Transactions and Recent Changes to Rent Regulations

April 22, 2020 | 10AM - 11:30AM EST
| 1.5 Credits

Will review fundamentals of handling a multi-family transaction, recent changes in rent regulations and its impact on the investment sales market.

Advanced Due Diligence — Virtual Edition

April 29, 2020 | 10AM - 11:30AM EST
| 1.5 Credits

Deals are still taking place during the pandemic. Learn how to conduct a transaction in these times and how we are conducting due diligence virtually.

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